How To Attract Cardinals To Your Yard

Ways To Attract Northern Cardinals To Your Yard

Interesting Facts About Cardinals

The Cardinal is a wonderful bird species which has very unique traits. They are relatively large and have a long tail. These birds also have a short and thick bill with a long and prominent crest. These birds are known to be non-migratory and they could stay in one place all year round.

They also have a unique hunched-over posture with their tails facing downwards. You can easily differentiate between the males and females this is because the males are colored red all over except for the face which is colored black. The female, on the other hand, is pale brown all over with some reddish tinges on the crest, tail, and wings. The only similarity is that they have a black a red bill and black face.

The Cardinals are mostly found in Southern Canada especially the south and north parts. They also extend to the North of Central America and they are natives to the west part of South Dakota and Texas. They have also found their way in southwestern California, Bermuda, and Hawaii.

They easily settle in parks, backyards, shrubby forests and woodlots. They like making their nests in dense vines and shrubs.


Bird watching is a wonderful and pleasing activity for you to do and having the Cardinal around your place makes it more interesting. You need to learn how to attract cardinals and always enjoy watching them.


Here are is helpful advice on how to attract cardinals to your yard mentioned below.


Choose the Right Food.

As for any living thing, food is one of the most essential basic need. If you want to attract any bird in your background then the food supply should be constant and plenty. So, what do cardinal birds eat? Cardinals have a strong, short and thick beak which makes them good candidates of taking large seed and other hearty foods. Cardinal food preferences are safflower seeds, white milo, black oil sunflower seed, crushed nuts, suet, berries and even cracked corn.

Always ensure that the feeders are regularly filled in order to keep the birds around, you can create a feeding schedule where you fill them early in the morning and in the evening. Once you know how to attract cardinals they will even make your yard a permanent residence.

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Use the Right Cardinal Bird Feeder.

Easy access to the food also plays a vital part for you to retain these wonderful birds. Ensure that you select suitable feeders that are convenient and squirrel proof to keep away unnecessary food competition.

These feeders need to be strong and sturdy to support the weight of the bird and the food. A healthy Cardinal weighs approximately 1.5 ounces, therefore, you should ensure that your feeders are heavier than that. Bird feeders with built-in trays are more spacious and well structured to hold the birds.

The need for having the spacious trays is because the Cardinals have a much broader and fuller crest.

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Provide Water Sources.

As usual, birds need water for drinking and bathing and the Cardinal is not left behind. Since its something they like to do ensure that you give them a reason to stay. For humans, we tend to revisit place and spots where we enjoy doing our hobbies. Satisfaction for these birds is reached when you incorporate such in your yard.

Ensure that you maintain a depth of about 2 to 3 inches deep to suit their height. Once you learn how to attract cardinals you will make birdbaths and add drippers to keep the water moving. Whichever method you use always ensure the water vessels are clean and the water should be changed regularly to prevent algae from growing.

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Offer Protective Shelter

Cardinals are very fond of thick shrubs and trees and having such an inclusive landscape in your yard gives you an upper edge of keeping and maintaining them. If you aim at imitating their habitat, plant trees and shrubs of different heights to help keep the birds safe and protected.

Planting the evergreen trees is a wise decision since it will provide the necessary protection during winter months.

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Encourage Nesting Sites

The birds are not accustomed to life in the birdhouses or nesting boxes since they are one with nature. They prefer trees and shrubs for nesting and shelter. Some of the best nesting sites are the dense shrubs, tall trees, and grapevines. Ensure that you provide the necessary materials for making their nests to increase the chances of staying longer.

The materials required in making the nests include grass clippings, small twigs, pine needles, and other materials.

Once you learn how to attract the cardinals you improve the chances of having them on your yard. Follow the helpful tips mentioned above and fancy your chances.

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